Welcome to DDRP!

Hello, hello! Friendly neighborhood Vanitypirate here of the Darkest Dungeon Roleplay (DDRP). It is a grim fantasy roleplay based on the video game, Darkest Dungeon, wherein players control heroes, or mercenaries, as they die, go insane, contract syphilis from trees. That sort of thing. New roleplayers are always welcome to join!

Poke around on the above pages to find out more information. A directory will provide you with all of the necessary links.

Further inquiries can be made on our OOC, or directly to me via Steam, as Vanitypirate, or Skype, as Grilledleeks.

Happy typing!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please, please, please read the everything on here CAREFULLY. There are a lot of nuances and people do not respond well when you break the rules they’ve made. This is especially important for new roleplayers, but also current ones as well; the rules are always changing. Keep an eye on our OOC thread for more information.

p.s. thank you Bloodtrailkiller for the great logo and tagline!

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